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It Is Time For An Update.

Yes indeed. Well, here are some artworks I guess!

The first is an as-yet-unseen-by-the-band potential tee design, but I've popped it on here anyway because that's the sort of bugger I am. Also I really like it. So there.

KTC Design

Ed Hintze Poster

Hadouken! Poster

I been gone a long time.

Well hot damn if it isn't 2012 already. Here is a selection of work from the last eight months - mostly used, some not, but oh well! This is life after all.

FFAF gig poster

GOTK gig poster

My Passion poster submission

Hourlgass Promotions submission

Empire Affair EP submission

Hello Killjoy

Dave Burdett poster

Deadbeat 'Skully'


Kids' illustration

Eff yes.

A month of contrasts

I refuse to believe it's already been six weeks since my last post, but that's what the calender says and I am not one to argue with time.

Although fun, it's been getting more challenging to juggle freelancing and my job (which seems to be getting busier my the week in the build-up to the summer holidays) - and this, alas, means I've had little down-time to myself. I did, however, get a few commissions sorted to keep me going...all completely different too, which is nice:

Kids' illustrations

business logo

Asbestos Poster

Got some potentially exciting things going on off the back of that last one too...I'll keep my blog as updated as possible! And now: more drawing. Good times.

Honky Catfish

Right on time!

This is that 'some more shit' I mentioned yesterday - a poster commission! And although happy with the outcome (for once), good lord, how I stressed getting this done. Artists' block and deadlines don't mix...

It's also worth mentioning that the person involved with this event (Ed Hintze, Google him) puts on a good show, so if anyone's around Weymouth in a couple of weeks it'll be worth going to! Plug plug plug

Fish Supper

A trip to Morrissons is in order now mefinks


How shoddy of me.

Man, I've been a bit lax with my updating this month!

I'm PARTIALLY blaming it on the combination of the awesome weather over the last two weeks, having the same time period off for Easter (I work in a school), and a slew of Bank Holidays resulting in other friends having days off themselves...but I'll mostly blame my irregular posting on having several projects-in-progress on right now, and therefore not really having much in the way of finished pieces :(

HOWEVER, I did find the time last week to quickly chuck a couple things up on Flickr - the first lot being a small collection of images from a set of 36 illustrative reading aids (I can't put up the relevant text with each image for various reasons, so they won't make sense), and the second being an opening chapter page from a graphic novel I'm writing/drawing...hope they suffice for now!

I'll put some more shit up over the next couple days, and you can hold me to that.

Short story illustration examples

Graphic novel sample page

Until then, then!



Just a quick commission/favour for the daughter of a regular client...which was fun to do, despite Photoshop being a total dick (slowing down, crashing, etc).

Anyway, posters!

Emanate Greyscale

Emanate Full Colour

I secretly prefer the black and white one, but hey...

C x

Train Braining

Hey, it's been a while since I've put up one of these! Colouring this comic is part of the reason I haven't been posting for a while, but it's been sitting around since November begging to be worked into...

It's also worth noting that not all of this actually happened, but I'll let you guess which part has been fabricated.

Journal Comic 8 (1/4)
Journal Comic 8 (2/4)
Journal Comic 8 (3/4)
Journal Comic 8 (4/4)

And now, to bed.

C x


Well, looks like I misjudged myself by saying about updating 'tomorrow' over a week ago. I have a valid excuse though: Last-Minute Commission! Yes indeed.

Last-Minute Commission

For the uninitiated (myself included until last week), 'hashing' involves walking with various groups of other 'Hash House Harriers', followed by barbeques and a piss-up...or at least that's what I got from talking to the lady who commissioned this.
Either way, sounds like a wheeze.

(Apart from the walking bit)

C :)

It's been a while...

After eight months and twelve days, my flatmates and I have FINALLY got round to having broadband installed. We were just put off for so long because BT are total dicks (£160 to reactivate a phone line!) and the engineer who was supposed to come round kept fibbing about being on time when, in reality, he failed to turn up. Bastard.
But complaining aside, I'm just glad to have lady Firefox back in my life. She was missed, I can assure you.

In the time I've been away I've been able to do some more work too! I'll load up the rest later on, but for now here's a selection poster designs created for the school I now work at. They are of varying quality, just as an advance warning...

Poster One (RGB)

Poster Two

Poster Three (RGB)

Poster Four

Poster Five (RGB)

Hope these suffice for now! As I said, I'll post some more work at a slightly later date - possibly tomorrow. It's good to be back!

Chris x

(EDIT: I forgot to convert half the posters to RGB, so they're all now nice and un-saturated...)

A splash of colour

Again, this is just a working title. I'll think of something a little less lame once I work into the story more, but here's the colour...

One Of Us!

It may be a while before any updates on this project are posted, as I phoned Dad earlier to get his feedback and he picked my 'plot' to pieces...back to the drawing board I guess!

Also I'll probably need to learn how to write.

Guten nacht x